Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.


how can he be so amazing #draws

i was having a very good makeup/hair day




this song kills me a little every time


kinda wanna dye my hair kinda wanna die in general


dendensushicosplay strikes again~~


Name: Carly Brielle
Birthday: March 3rd
Favorite color: Turquoise

Lucky number: 3
Height: 5’9 hahahahahahahahahaha

Talents: singing, writing, talking over people, asking stupid questions, uhhh being loyal to my friends????
Last dream you remember: my mom yelled at me for using too much data (it was terrifying)
Can you juggle: i wish
Art/sports/both: uhhh i don’t really understand either
Do you like writing: mhmm
Do you like dancing: yes i throw dance parties often
Do you like singing: in the shower, always
: dragons
Dream vacation: italy or australia or some exotic place
Dream guy/gal: uhhhhH??? a guy who’s actually interested???would be nice?????
Dream wedding: a small wedding in hawaii
Dream pet: a teacup pig (i’m aware they don’t stay small forever that’s fine, more to love)
Dream job:  actress
Favourite song:  When I’m At Home by The Maine
Favorite albums: What You Don’t See (The Story So Far), Bangerz (Miley Cyrus), Talking Dreams (Echosmith), Stadium Arcadium (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Graduation (Kanye West), Camp/Because The Internet (Childish Gambino)
Least favorite song: FANCY BY IGGY AZALEA

Least favorite album: i can’t think of one?????
Least favorite artist: justin bieber comes to mind

Guys/girls/both: Guys

Eye color: I do not care
Humorous/serious: humor for the most part, but serious about the important stuff
Taller/shorter: TALLER. 

Biggest turn-off: pig headedness, disrespect, clingy, jealous
Biggest turn-on: confidence, sense of humor, easy to get along with, adventurous, etc. etc. etc. (i’m easy to please)


sphintus, danielshamerican, doflamingo

(i hate these bc i have a total of like 2 friends)


Bishōnen Luffy wishes you luck in your endeavors.

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